1972-img1WCT is the pioneer in training tools used in communication in the Philippines. With her mentor, Dorothy Sarnoff, speech writer and consultant to U.S. presidents Carter and Reagan and author of bestseller "Speech Can Change Your Life," she was the first speech coach who trained speakers using the "feed-backing technique." Students were videotaped during their speech and analyzed after.

1972 - WCT was the first person to introduce the VTR (Video Tape Recorder) in her speech classes in the Philippines. She founded a totally new industry through this self-improvement concept.

1975-img2WCT interacted with Laura Darius in her apartment at the Upper West Side, New York City. When Wilma came back in 1972, she introduced the now famous "Diaphragmatic Breathing" which is a powerful technique that will make your voice sound vigorous and will help calm you before speaking in front of an audience.
1975-img1In 1975 WCT and VKT (VICTOR KALAW TAPALLA) trained with and purchased a number of speech and speed reading training tools and materials from "Photo and Sound Company" now known as "Texas Instruments" which now manufactures educational resources and equipment. One of the most popular in the series is the Language Master System. It is both for listening and interactive learning. 1992-img2
Doe Lang, Speech, Life Coach, and Director of Charismedia in New York City, with Wilma and daughter, and co-author Valerie at age 7
80s-img1In the early 80's, WCT hosted an educational program in IBC-13 entitled "Communicating with Wilma" that ran daily Mondays thru Fridays from 5:30p.m. to 6:00p.m. for 3 seasons.

Wilma on cam with her daily T.V. show "Communicating with Wilma."

Mid 80's, WCT introduced one of the most successful programs in the history of the Institute, the Computerized Learning Program, the only training program in the country that uses cutting edge technology to motivate children, teens, and adults in reading, memory, math, and communication. The classroom was designed to look like a spaceship for effect.
1992-img1In 1992, WCT again was ahead of her time when she got the franchise of "Your Image Computer System" from La Jolla, California, U.S.A. The complete program itself was amazing! A client can come in for a consultation and see from the monitor a thousand different possibilities in looks, styles, wardrobe, and hairstyle without committing to an actual make-over!
1994-img1In 1994, WCT led the way in introducing "The Firewalk Challenge" in Asia, a revolutionary technique of walking on fire, literally on hot burning beds of coals, to help participants conquer their fears and inhibitions. Participants from all over the world travel to be with Wilma in her most triumphant and most celebrated program. 1994-img2
WCT with her mentor Anthony Robbins, author, international speaker, and consultant to America's Fortune 500 Companies, best known as the engineer of the "Awaken the Giant Within" and "Unlimited Power" programs. Photo taken in Burlingame, California.
2000-img12000 took WCT to the island of Boracay. The Speech for Success Program was introduced for teens and adults. The Institute, always forward thinking, wanted to expand the perspective of their students and to often change the surroundings so the experiential workshop is always fresh and exciting. WCT chartered a flight for the adventurous students.
2007-img1In 2006, WCT launched her books, "Communicating With Wilma, Parts 1 & 2," at the Astoria Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Dr. Nilo Rosas, a graduate of WCT and President of the Philippine Normal University at that time and Mel Velasco Velarde, CEO of Nextel Philippines, gave tribute to his mentor Wilma Cruz-Tapalla.
2007-img2In 2007, VCT (Valerie Cruz Tapalla) became the first Filipino licensed by The Emily Post Institute, U.S.A. To date, the Institute has conducted over 300 Emily Post Business Etiquette classes all over the country.

VCT with her mentor Peter Post at the Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago, during graduation dinner. 2007-img3In 2007, VCT underwent intensive workshops with New York City Speech Coach Larry Gleason for avant-garde progressive techniques in Presentation Skills. 2007-img4In 2007, VCT was in San Francisco, California, to attend Syndi Seid's highly interactive program on Dining Etiquette at the St. Regis Hotel.
Ms. Seid runs the renowned school of protocol, "The Advanced Etiquette." 2007-img5VCT with New York School of Etiquette and Protocol Director, Rosa McLish, during a break in her "Etiquette Program for Children" in New York City, 2007. 2007-img6WCT partnered up with National Bookstore in bringing all 24 books of Emily Post to the country. The institute carries all titles and uses Peter Post's "The Etiquette Advantage" in all etiquette workshops and Seminars. VCT with National Bookstore's head honcho, Nanay Coring Ramos.
2008-img1 In 2008, VCT studied with the celebrated Linklater School for Voice and Language at the Actors Studio in New York City. VCT introduced the Linklater Methodology, "Freeing Your Natural Voice," to her students.

2008-img2VCT with Senior Linklater Voice and Speech Coach Susan Main.

2007-img7VCT with her classmates and Senior Linklater coach Andrea Harring at the Actors Studio in New York City, studying the "Alexander Technique."
2009newimg1redbookIn September 2009, WCT and VCT launched "Public Speaking And Personality Development" and the International Edition of Emily Post's "Etiquette Advantage" at the SMX Convention Center. Over 500 guests - teachers, librarians, speakers, executives, and students graced the event.

International best selling author and speaker Andrew Matthews launched his book in the Philippines with National Book Store back to back with author, Valerie Cruz Tapalla.
2010-img1In 2010,
WCT and Val launched "Public Speaking and Professional Etiquette."
2011-img1In 2011, WCT introduced EXTEREME LEVEL: MASTER CLASS for WCT graduates who want a more challenging approach in presentation. The master class is meshed with three (3) highly energizing and compelling techniques.
2012-img1Val launched "Energizers," the first of her easy-to-carry book series.

Experience Val's unconventional Energizers to get rid of your fears and inhibitions, and have total impact to your audience with your presentation! 2012-img2Val premiered her Mend your Speech, Mind your Manners Podcast Series, lessons on Speech, Etiquette and Image for free for WCT's believers and graduates.

about-img1Outclassing the competition for over 4 decades, the country's undisputed leader in quality and innovative communication and etiquette training, the WCT Institute of Speech, Etiquette & Image. With its legendary reputation clearly established by way of its superb track record, the institute has conquered the greater challenges of communicating in the new world by offering revolutionary programs that only bring one result: HOLISTIC TRANSFORMATION!

about-img2It was Wilma's astonishing resolve that bore the institution that became synonymous to SUCCESS. It was her unique talent and inimitable style that made the graduates enrol again and again, year after year buy cheap viagra uk. It was her unbelievable transformation that continuously appeals to all future students.

about-img3The year was 1967 and a very timid young girl had an ambitious dream, so ambitious that it belied her bashful character. So, Mrs. Wilma Cruz-Tapalla reinvented herself, slowly, surely, and incredibly. So it was told her father let her use their garage that became her classroom. Amidst the bare pavement and traces of grease, she slowly planted the foundation of her teaching. And the rest, as they say, is history.

about-img4Now 4 decades after that not-so-glamorous start, the institution boasts of thousands of graduates whose list includes names of people we read about, the famous, the noble, and all our modern day heroes. She made politicians twist their tongues just to pronounce a word properly. She made businessmen clip their mouths to explain to them the difference between leadership and authority. Beauty queens cringed in fear and later cried in triumph when she made them walk on fiery coals, with their bare feet! And she made numerous students who lacked self-confidence achieve something they never imagined, belief in their selves. Not bad for a school that originated from a garage and a teacher who was so shy, she even refused to talk to anyone!

sg-img1about-img6Mrs. Wilma Cruz-Tapalla made all these possible, but the amazing part of it all was that she never allowed all the success to cloud her virtuous purpose of helping her fellowmen. The institute gives Php200,000 worth of scholarships yearly to deserving teachers all around the country and to hardworking students who have a passion to pursue a career in communication.

Even with Mrs. Wilma Cruz Tapalla's enormous success, she remains committed to providing assistance to those who aspire to be successful.

Wilma Cruz-Tapalla is one of the country's foremost speech and etiquette authority. She graduated with an Associate in Arts at the University of Santo Tomas and a B.S. in Foreign Service at the Lyceum of the Philippines. She studied Speech and Drama at the University of the Philippines and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and Finishing Course at the famous John Robert Powers School in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

She founded the well-known, award-winning Wilma Cruz-Tapalla Institute of Speech, Etiquette & Image that caters to people from all walks of life including top multi-national companies and government institutions. A student of renowned speech and image consultant Dorothy Sarnoff and master motivator Anthony Robbins, Mrs. Cruz-Tapalla has traveled around the world to learn groundbreaking concepts and techniques for interactive learning and effective speech and communication.

She has received numerous international and national recognition and awards, including Woman of the Year (North Carolina, U.S.A. and Cambridge, England) and Most Outstanding Overseas Filipino Female Speech, Poise, and Etiquette Educator by the PINES Universal in Los Angeles, California. She is also a recognized member of the Platform Association and Speech Communication of America. Mrs. Tapalla hosted an educational TV show, Communicating with Wilma, while she was also writing a column at the Women's Home Companion and reviewing movies and television programs as a board member of the MTRCB.

Valerie Cruz Tapalla is a mélange of culture. After living, studying, and traveling constantly on three continents since she was 7 years old, Valerie is at the pinnacle of her existence.

She graduated with distinction in English, French, and Hotel Management at the International Hotel Management School and The London College of International Business Studies in the United Kingdom. She studied International Business at U.C., Berkeley and Finishing Course and Modeling at Barbizon, in California, and varied Art and Fashion Programs at Parsons School of Design, New York City.

A student of the celebrated Linklater School for Voice and Language at the Actors Studio in New York City, her prominent mentors include renowned authors, Peter Post, Doe Lang, Louis Colliani, Andrea Haring, Susan Main, and BBC's Elizabeth Strong.

She is the first Filipino licensed by The Emily Post Institute, U.S.A., and a registered member of the Association of Image Consultants International, New York City.

Currently giving private and public talks, Valerie says that her obsession with everything Puccini, Austen, La Trebka, MJ, and New York City is out of control.



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The Wilma Cruz-Tapalla Institute of Speech, Etiquette & Image (WCT) is the only school founded by Mrs. Wilma Cruz-Tapalla in 1967. It has no existing franchise, nor any branches other than that located at 55 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan, directed by Ms. Valerie Cruz Tapalla.

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