Dear Valerie, Congratulations on this very interactive seminar-workshop on Global Business Etiquette and Power Presentation Skills – from the DepEd Las Piñas participants! We thank you for your inborn ability and talent in sharing your knowledge, experiences and expertise – with WIT and HUMOR, at that;

• for the SUPERB facilitating skills you have demonstrated in making our shy participants speak with ease;
• for the ambience of this venue which is very conducive to learning;
• for customizing the course content to our needs as Filipinos; and
• for the IMPACT or CHANGE that this session will bring about in our front liners.

Lourdes M. Victoriano, Schools Division Superintendent – DepEd, Las Piñas Division


I learned a lot about how to deliver in a powerful and captivating way. The breathing method was very effective in giving confidence and energy. It also motivated me a lot to keep learning.

Theodore Efann – Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


Dear Val, Thank you for the energy-filled and enlightening seminar. It made me more aware of the importance of thinking before acting – being considerate to others all the time, and making them feel comfortable.

My enthusiasm and zest for life was rekindled because for the past few weeks I was feeling down. This class really helped me to still go for my dreams. Thanks Again. God Bless!

Lisette P. Mallari, Client Services Manager - Hinduja Global Solutions


Dear Valerie, ‘Gratitude is the language of the heart.’ Bottomless thanks to you for having energized us. Those exercises were worth doing and have inspired me to do them regularly.

Sister Ma. Theresa Bautista


What really overwhelmed me about the morning session was the power of the moment. At the end of the day you had everyone, including those who usually were very quiet and passive, openly expressing themselves to all. You were able to make them discover this power within and owning it. Thank You!

Dax Carlos, Sales Team Manager – NEC Philippines


It reaffirmed and reenergized the NEC Philippines Team’s belief and desire to achieve what it has set out to do. Through the various activities of today’s session, people understood their colleague’ varied personalities and infused them with the right mind-set which hopefully enable them to work more cohesively with each other.

Doy Santos, EVP – NEC Philippines


"I'm satisfied with the way the course was handled" is an understatement. I am extremely satisfied. I learned a lot. The course taught me many things in connection with manners. Most importantly, I learned that etiquette is not about wealth and graces, rather, it is about making the people around you feel comfortable.

Valerie Grace Domantay, Junior Associate - Ponce Enrile Reyes and Manalastas Law Offices


As a trainer, I found the breathing exercises very helpful and useful. These are great! I can definitely use them on a daily basis for my classes. Also the dining and techno-etiquette part was awesome. As a member of a multi-cultural company, it is proper that good manners are always practiced and passed on.

Marie Joyce, Lead Trainer - HGSL Proj. F1


Quite transformational! It is such a blessing working with Val! To be with a professional whose art is not really misunderstood and is rarely done well because it is believed "everybody can do public speaking" as in everybody can just "do theater" simple because we speak and walk. The mystery is to learn that just because we speak, it doesn't mean we speak well. The secret is speak as a public speaker as if your life depended on it - otherwise you cannot be real.

Val - you're a great teacher and a wonderful person! Continue blessing your students and the world with your unique skills and talents!
Dr. Dean Papadopolous - College Professor, U.S.A.


What I got out of "Power Presentation Skills" was a lot of techniques that can be used in doing presentations such as breathing techniques, which are actually very important, correct articulation, and most importantly, how to make a good speech.

Jennifer Padon, Outlet Manager - Hyatt Hotel


I really learned a lot of things from this course such as correct posture, breathing and pronunciation. Val, to be a good speaker is one of my dreams and though I know I am not blessed to be borne as one, with you I know I can be one.

Elysandria Garo, Sr., Bookkeeper - DepEd Ilocos Norte


My training in WCT made me more confident in doing my job as a government official working at the Office of the President, considering that I deal with top corporations as part of my work. The course is very helpful and very entertaining and very educational.

Tahir Lidasan, Director IV - Office of the President - OMA


Dear Val, I've been in the corporate world for over 2 decades now and what I have honed are skills mostly related to my line of work. Although I knew a bit of etiquette, it was learned (quite vicariously) in school, at home, and through the many experiences I've been through. I suppose the best takeaway I have from the course is etiquette, and that would be the best guide in behaving well throughout life and of making the right choices to build relationships. The course also reminds us of the little things we take for granted but which speak volumes about ourselves and how "well-bred" a person is. Thank you for carrying the torch on this one. I was thinking that the whole Philippines should take your course! If everyone thought before acting, made conscious effort to build relationships, and did everything sincerely, everything else would fall into place and we'd build a better nation.

Gold Tantoco, Country Manager - Pfizer


Dear Val, breathing techniques proved extremely important and very appropriate as baselines for a class on public speaking! Every minute is really worth the time and investment! You're a living example of what every mother would ultimately wish her child to be. Keep on sharing your blessings, your knowledge and wit to others. Love you!

Espie Bulseco - Hinduja Global Solutions


The course was very informative regarding manners as they should be on the dinner table. It also provided good techniques on how to handle difficult or embarrassing situations. It is definitely a course for everyone. Etiquette is about interacting with other people and, clearly, we cannot escape that. This course helps deal with situations that most of us don't even want to imagine, and as well a deeper insight of what a good character speaks.

Catherine Meg Basa - O.B. Montessori, High School


I learned so many practical tips from the course. In my business, I encounter a lot of these situations which I am not sure how to deal with. Thank you so much Valerie. Every time I am in your class I learn something new.

Ma. Paz Alberto, President - Ark Travel Express


Ms. Valerie Tapalla is a great teacher. She possesses excellent skills in her craft which makes the training effective, powerful, and high-impact. Her positive aura radiates throughout the sessions. Thus, it engages the participants to actively share and immerse themselves in the activity.

Klair Francisco, Business Development Manager - HP


Ever since I was a kid, I've been reading the ads of Mrs. Wilma Cruz-Tapalla in Panorama Magazine, a supplement of the Manila Bulletin, every Sunday. I never thought that I'd be able to attend a class, much more meet the daughter of the Philippines' Speech Icon (too bad I wasn't able to meet Mrs. Wilma Tapalla). I was really excited to be an attendee of this seminar/class. I learned a lot especially regarding my "speech speed," which I will try to consciously put into use. I would definitely recommend these classes to all my relatives and friends. I wish Ms. Valerie Tapalla luck and more power. You are in a class of your own. So cool in delivery and very considerate of everybody - you are amazing!

Alexis Otic, Manager - Fazoli's


Dear Valerie, first of all, I want to tell you that you are sensational, you're so real, and this is the very first time that I didn't feel like sleeping during the course of any discussion. Although I have not dined yet in such a formal setting, I think I will not be out of place when that time comes for I've got the idea now. I'm running out of time, but I still have a lot more things to say. I really love your presentation. Thank you very much.

Felisa Gepulane De Ocampo, Teaching/Clinical Instructress - St. Joseph College


First of all, I thought that this 2-day seminar would just be the same old typical "classroom set-up." But I was wrong! And I thank God it was not a typical one. This seminar 100% fits my current job position. With all the etiquette issues we discussed, I gained more confidence and I was able to realize that it is important to be what your position requires you to be - from the dress styles to the manner of dealing with colleagues and with people we don't know. Every facet of etiquette is important. It is just a matter of opening our minds to changes and self-discipline. Ms. Valerie was great! She is perfect to give this seminar. Excellent job, Ms. Tapalla! We hope to work with you over and over again.

Vicente Maglente, Jr., Shop Manager - Mister Donut


This course by the very amiable and refined Ms. Valerie is a winner! It's the most enlightening, the most fun-filled, and definitely - thus far - the most humorous course/seminar/talk I have ever attended/listened to. Ms. Valerie is surely a genuine walking encyclopedia and not the Ms. Know-it-all or the Ms. High-and-mighty pretentious type. It makes me do a little wishful thinking viagra cialis. If ever I'd be reincarnated, I'd rather be Ms. Valerie Cruz Tapalla! Three-and-a-half cheers for her! HEP-HEP HURRAH! (3x) P.S. Please send my regards to Ms. Jane Austen.

Enrico "Rico" Pureza Soto, College Instructor (Language and Literature)




How can a doctor come across well to her patients in the clinic and in lectures?
- Dr. Bles
It's all about human connection, whether you're a doctor, a lawyer, or a dog-walker. Establish rapport. And how do you do that? By learning the art of small talk. In my book, "Public Speaking and Professional Etiquette," there is a chapter called "Making Fab," and this deals with how to start a conversation, how to keep the conversation going, and, the most challenging of all, how to end it.
I'm a professional but I lack skills in verbal communication. What can I do to gain self-confidence?
- Angel
Just like in swimming you have to get yourself into the water and I'm not just talking about getting your feet wet. Start talking with anyone, anywhere. That's how you learn — by actually doing the walk and talking the talk.
Ma'am Valerie Tapalla, ano po ang dapat gawin para maalis ang kaba kapag nag-rereport sa klase?
- Elizabeth
The conception of the thought starts with the mind, and then the body follows the expression of the thought when you verbalize your ideas. Mind and body connection is very powerful, so we need to get you to relax first. In my book simple mind and body exercises will help you get there.
Ms. Val, gusto ko po talaga ma-enhance yung communication skills ko. Three years na po akong walang work at tuwing mag-aapply ako especially sa mga call center nawawalan na ako ng lakas ng loob kasi tuwing na-iinterview ako na-memental block ako, hindi ko maintindihan yung question kahit madali lang. Lagi po akong nag-papractice kapag wala pa yung interview pero kapag andiyan na, hindi ako makapagsalita, nauunahan na ako ng kaba. Thank you!
- Rica
Breathe. When you don't breathe well, lack of oxygen makes you nervous and anxious. Perhaps you can try a few of my quick fix workout before your interview, "The Laugh Bath," which induces laughter from the diaphragm. It sounds silly but you will feel your body relax as you laugh away your fears.
Ms. Val, as an Accounting grad and employee dito po sa malaking supermarket sa Greenhills, lagi kong kaharap ang iba't ibang customers from all walks of life. I keep on reading my little booklet when it comes to my grammar at sana po you can help me. Ms. Val, how important is grammar in speaking in my professional and personal life? Mabuhay! Thank you po.
- Jinky
Learning grammar is a commitment; it is a long road. What you need to do for now is practice your skill in conversational English. What we want you to achieve is spontaneity of language. Once you achieve that, you will have the confidence to speak to anyone, and good grammar will follow.
Can public speaking skills be developed, or are only a select few born with them? How can I overcome stage fright in front of an audience?
- William
Public speaking, like any form of art, is learned. However, there are a few people who are born with speaker's DNA. I personally believe that with the right coach, training, and technique, anyone can be a great speaker. My mom, Wilma, who was born in Tondo, did not let her environment or the people around her stop her from her commitment to be one.
I'm a professional but still, I'm really not confident when I speak in public, though I had training before. I really love to talk in public but I need to learn more.
- Priscilla
As a student of life, we have to keep growing. The difference between good speakers and great speakers are the following: commitment, consistency, and discipline. When you have all three, I guarantee you, you'll get there.
Ask ko lang po kung ano ba yung mga simple techniques on how to learn public speaking easily?
- Arnold, 2nd Year College
Grab any opportunity you have in your school to speak in front of an audience; that's how you're going to get the feel of it. Also, discover the right technique that will work for you, and this involves training. Get yourself a good coach.
Ask ko lang po kung meron bang Sunday course for working people?
- May
Yes, there is. We follow the rolling enrolment system. You can start on any Sunday of any month. Our schedule is from 9:00 - 12:00 noon.
Nakakaintindi ako ng ingles pero napakahirap magsalita at gumamit ng tamang salita sa pag-Ingles. Makakatulong kaya ang kursong ito sa akin?
- Leny, 56
Absolutely! You have to start today. Please call us for an appointment, so we can sit down with you and find out which courses will suit you.
How do you deal with hard-to-evangelize audiences? A considerable portion of distracted people are too rowdy to ignore.
- Sonny
The Hollywood Approach is the best technique which I share with my nuns, priests, and preachers. This is a sure-fire method that will grab their attention in the first three seconds you make your opening. Handling hecklers and a few challenging audience members comes with experience and technique.
Do you have lectures for kids who graduated from Grade 6, para at that age, pagpasok sa adolescence, hindi sila mahiya sa kanilang paglaki?
- Daisy
It's better to start while they are young. They can assimilate the training and lessons faster.
Ano po ang gagawin kapag ang mga kaharap mo ay mas may alam pa sa iyo and you have to deliver a speech?
It is pretty overwhelming or daunting when you're in front of someone who you admire, but remember you were asked to deliver a speech because you know more than the audience. Believe that you earned the right to be there. And don't forget to do your voice and speech workout; it is the antidote for your fears and nervousness.
I'm a fresh graduate. I can speak English but I lack the proper accent. Is accent important during job interviews?
- Abigail
My opinion is, we all come from different places. We should celebrate that. However, if our accent becomes a detriment to our communication skills, that's when we need help. If you mean putting on a manufactured accent to make you sound more posh or more American, it is not going to work. Being natural is always best.
Although Filipinos can write fluently in English, we often find it hard to speak in English. How can we develop our English-speaking skills? Especially kasi we speak tagalog in the house.
- Avelina
You have to make an effort to listen to good speakers: The old truism "Garbage in, garbage out," is true. Be careful on whom you let inside your lives, meaning TV shows that you watch, movies that you see, and people you admire for these are very important to the auditory process. Listening is as powerful as speaking.
What do you recommend for us to do whenever we experience mental block and also stammering? Thank you.
- Camille
The power of the pause is always taken for granted. When you pause you think and formulate your ideas first before rapidly saying what's on your mind.
Is there a universal ethics style that transcends different cultures? Thanks.
- JV
The Emily Post Etiquette Program that we run at WCT works for everyone on the planet and outside of it. I have worked with different mentors in my lifetime but the Post's principles work best.

- Thinking before acting
- Making choices that build relationships
- Doing it sincerely
Ako po ay mahiyain at kapag nagsasalita na sa maraming tao ay kinakabahan at pati na ang minemorize ko ay nakalimutan ko na. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin?
- Marjorie
The voice and speech workout is the work you do before a presentation or performance whether it's for 2 or 200 people. You need to prepare your mind, body, and heart.
How do you cope with nervousness during public speaking and even during meetings with the board of directors?
WCT's Classic Diaphragmatic Breathing will help ease your tension while speaking. This is a powerful breathing exercise that will help you cope with your nerves. In our book, "Public Speaking and Personality Development," the whole dynamics is explained.
Gusto ko lang po itanong, kung sakaling may chance ako na makapagsalita sa marami, paano ko po ma-eeliminate ang mga verbal virus(ah’s, er’s) katulad ng sinasabi niyo at paano po magagawang continuous ang pagsasalita? Sana po maturuan niyo kami. Thanks po.
- Len Campos
You have to practice the language continuously. Fluidity and fluency can be developed through series of exercises intended to develop them. And those exercises are exactly what the Wilma Cruz-Tapalla Institute of Speech, Etiquette and Image offers! Why not join our workshop and experience it yourself!